Heya readers,

If you’ve been following my Instagram this week, you might have been thinking “oh gosh, can she calm down a minute? That’s too much going on!” and I would reply YUP. This has been a big and busy week: while summer had a bit of a lull, it feels like everything has ramped up in the past few days, with author stuff happening left and right. Namely: the new hardcover editions are here, AND! Aix Marks the Spot is out in audiobook today!

The new editions of Starstruck finally landed chez moi and I couldn’t be more thrilled. They turned out amazing, if I do say so myself! Felipe DeBarros did an incredible job on the artwork (which you might have seen when we were touting the hardcovers a few months ago, before the global pandemic threw a stick in our wheel). There’s also interior artwork by Lloyd Ladera! Signed copies are selling out like hot cakes, so make sure to message me fast if you want one. Each book you order through me comes with magnetic character bookmarks, prints, and other fun goodies!

Alienation should be following close behind, and I’ll be revealing the new cover of Traveler very shortly.

And speaking of reveal – have you seen the cover of Starstruck 7 yet? It’s been revealed as a YASH exclusive and nowhere else yet! Hop on the YASH train with my last post and it’ll lead you right to it.

And on top of this, I woke up this morning to discover that Aix Marks the Spot has finally been approved by Audible! Which means… THE AUDIOBOOK IS READY! If you have an account, you can pick your copy up using a credit, and if you’re new to Audible? You can get it FOR FREE! Click here to go straight to Audible and claim your copy.

I have to say, my narrator, Anne Damman, is incredible. She not only captured Jamie perfectly, but also managed to pull off English, French, English-with-a-French-accent and French-with-an-American-accent. not an easy feat! Join me in giving her a hand!

All this is so exciting. And on top of new books and new audiobooks, I also got a massive restock of all my books. Which means I can finally send out signed copies everywhere and anywhere! Using French media mail, I can cut down on shipping costs and get books out for next to nothing;

These same rates apply to the other books as well. Prices will change at new years’, so reach out soon! Plus all swag is first come, first serve, so the earlier you order, the more stuff you’ll get!

There’s even more exciting news coming soon, but we gotta stop somewhere. Thanks for reading my books and supporting my writing!