It’s finally happening!

This has been a big week in AMTS news… for starters, it’s now available to preorder on Amazon. Which is nerve-wracking for me! Reviews are trickling in and I’m thrilled to see they’re all loving the book. So far, so good. To make everything even more interesting, it’s also available on Netgalley, so now perfect strangers can pick up the book as well.

Oh, and despite the quarantine, check out what landed on my doorstep!

I’m so thrilled that it’s finally here in hardcover! Still waiting for the paperbacks, so we’ll see if they’ll make it through the lockdown. I only get mail one or two days a week now, so it’s a little weird not having any idea when they’ll show up!

I hope you’re taking care of yourself during this challenging time. Remember to breathe. And check out the YA Scavenger Hunt for a welcome distraction!

Lots of Love,

Sincerely, Sarah