I can’t believe I get to say this… my book is out today! You can now grab your copy of Aix Marks the Spot on Amazon!

Aix Marks the Spot has hit the shelves and I couldn’t be happier. I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s supported me on this first adventure into self-publishing, whether it be through helpful critiques, spreading the word, or just your general enthusiasm. And everyone who preordered either on Amazon or through me – I could NOT have released this book without you! I still can’t believe I sold out of preorder gifts and hard to restock hardcovers FOUR TIMES to send and sign out. It means the world to me that so many people are as excited about this book as I am!


Jamie has been dreaming of this summer forever: of road trips and intensive art camps, of meeting cute boys with her best friend Jazz. What she didn’t count on was the car accident.

Exiled away from her family as her mother slowly learns to walk again, Jamie is sent to Provence and trapped in an isolated home with the French grandmother she has never met, the guilt of having almost killed her parents, and no Wi-Fi. Enough to drive a girl mad. That is, until, she finds an old letter from her father, the starting point in a treasure hunt that spans across cities and time itself. Somehow, she knows that the treasure is the key to putting her shattered family back together and that whatever lies at the end has the power to fix everything.

Armed only with a high-school-level of French and a map of local train lines, she must enlist the aid of Valentin, her handsome neighbor who’s willing to translate. To save her family, she has castle ruins to find and sea cliffs to climb; falling for her translator wasn’t part of her plan…

Love and Lavender is in the air!

Here are some ways you can help support the book whether you’ve bought it or not:

– Today is the first day Amazon will allow reviews! If you can drop a rating and a few words about the book, that would be greatly appreciated. Even if you didn’t like the book – though I hope you actually did – Amazon’s algorithm shows a preference for books with more ratings. If you’ve already reviewed on Goodreads, a simple copy and paste will suffice. This will massively impact how much visibility my book will have.

– Social media is a powerful tool. Please consider tweeting or simply retweeting what others have said about the book (@sea_author). Instagram is my favorite platform, so check out the tag #AixMarksTheSpot for some gorgeous pics and aesthetics… and spread them around! You can make posts and tag me @readcommendations as well. If you use stories, that is awesome as well.

– Support your favorite independent bookstores and libraries by asking them to order a copy of AMTS. This supports them at the same time as supporting me, so it’s a massive Win-Win.

The Blog Tour

A massive thanks goes as well to @mtmctours who organized the book blog tour and are hosting the giveaway. You have really spoiled me with amazing pics! I can’t believe it’s almost over, it’s been a joy to see each post every day. ⁣

I’ll be doing a thank you post showing off the pics from all the wonderful people inside or outside the tour so I can thank you properly.

Thoughts from an Emotional Author

This book is so incredibly special to me. As I’ve mentioned before, every event in the book is real and has either happened to me or a friend. Look below, it’s me, sitting at the location of the ‘treasure’, during my first year in France, before I knew how mouth that mountain and the entire country would mean to me. This book is my love letter to Provence: I may not always fit in, but it’s home.

Anyway, the book is available on Amazon as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover! The audiobook is still in the works. I’m just over the moon excited!

And don’t hesitate to message me for signed copies!

Love, Always,