BOO! Did I get ya? Don’t worry; it’s just me, here with some spine-tingling news!

A whole new starstruck novel… out TODAY!

As the nights grow longer and a crisp chill winds through the air, I’ve been brewing up something special in the witching hours of my writer’s cauldron. Something to add a dash of spectral spice to your Halloween season: Into the Sallyverse! Starstruck… 7.5!

Now, I know, I know. You’ve been on the edge of your seats, waiting for Book 10, but in between drafting intense chapters, I felt a pull—a whimsical Halloweeny pull. And voila! This haunting tale was born. And let me clarify: this isn’t some fleeting ghost of a novella. Oh no, this is a full-bodied apparition of a book, matching stride with all its Starstruck siblings in terms of length and adventure!

Into the Sallyverse

When Zander winds up trapped in an alternate reality where his doppelgänger left a little more than just memories behind, Sally is on a ghostly mission to break him out. But why is she suddenly incorporeal? And how exactly do you babysit your boisterous alternate family?

Back home, a reality TV ghost-hunting squad has caught wind of some spectral activities, and Blayde must employ more than just wit and spunk to hide the interdimensional portal they inadvertently opened. Between ghostly pranks and portal cover-ups, it’s all in a day’s work.

In the Sallyverse, it’s a heart-pounding race against realities. Time is ticking down, and as they delve deeper into the layers of the multiverse, they’re faced with the chilling realization that reminder that alternate choices can lead to very real consequences.

Take me to your reader!

Happy SpooBooktober!

Into the Sallyverse is your ultimate Halloween reading treat. Chock-full of suspense, laughter, and those uncanny moments that make your spine tingle, it’s the ideal companion for those cozy October nights, wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of pumpkin-spiced whatever-your-heart-desires.

While the epic journey of Book 10 is still on the horizon (and oh, what a horizon it is!), think of this as your delightful, haunted hors d’oeuvre—a bit of ghostly fun to tide you over till the main event.

So, light those autumn candles, cozy into your favorite reading spot, and dive headfirst into a world where things go bump in the multiverse night.

💜 Introducing “Being Ace” 💜

The long-anticipated day is here! “Being Ace: An Anthology of Queer, Trans, Femme, and Disabled Stories of Asexual Love and Connection” has made its grand entrance, and what a splash it’s making!

This anthology isn’t just a book—it’s a movement. A collaboration of fourteen brilliant authors from five countries, each thread of narrative intertwines to create a rich tapestry celebrating the diverse voices within the asexual community.

My personal contribution to this anthology features Arty, an asexual Slayer channeling all the Buffy vibes. Battling both real-world monsters and societal expectations, Arty’s story is one of many, each highlighting a different facet of the ace spectrum.

Discover the infinite realms of asexual love across sci-fi, fantasy, and contemporary stories

From a wheelchair user racing to save her kidnapped girlfriend and a little mermaid who loves her sisters more than suitors, to a slayer whose virgin blood keeps attracting monsters, the stories of this anthology are anything but conventional. Whether adventuring through space, outsmarting a vengeful water spirit, or surviving haunted cemeteries, no two aces are the same in these 14 unique works that highlight asexual romance, aromantic love, and identities across the asexual spectrum.

Being Ace got a Kirkus Review!

And don’t just take my word for it! The Kirkus Review praised the anthology for its rich tapestry of themes, from grief and resilience to self-esteem and queer joy, making it a haven for readers seeking intersectional ace representation.

A multigenre anthology of short stories for teens that centers asexual protagonists.

A teen Slayer who is repulsed by sex is the target of monsters attracted to her virginal blood—until she deconstructs her community’s buy-in of the heterosexist concept of virginity in “Smells Like Teen Virgin” by S.E. Anderson. In S.J. Taylor’s “The Witch of Festa Falls,” a girl living in 18th-century Norway is able to save her community from a fossegrim, a terrifying creature from folklore, because she’s immune to his charms. “The Third Star” by RoAnna Sylver follows an aro-ace, agender, autistic teen who is worried about their queerplatonic relationship when their two partners go through rough patches, all while surviving on an emergency craft in the depths of space. The Little Mermaid is rescued from the clutches of exploitation and finds an unexpectedly platonic alliance with a merman prince in Moniza Hossain’s “The Mermaid’s Sister.” Themes of grief, community expectations, resilience, self-esteem, and queer joy are woven throughout this anthology. The stories range widely in tone and genre, although the majority are speculative. While some are immensely satisfying, others feel noticeably underdeveloped and rushed. But readers hungry for intersectional ace (and frequently also aro) representation will be pleased to see a range of queer identities, racial backgrounds, and disabilities (including a protagonist with hyperacusis and cerebral palsy who uses a power wheelchair).

May not take the whole cake, but asexual readers hungry for representation will find some outstanding pieces to dig into.

Being Ace

🎉 A Pocketful of Adventure: “Study Night at the Museum” 🎉

And just when you thought that was it for October, here’s another delightful surprise: “Study Night at the Museum” is now available in a cozy 4×6 paperback! This story, previously featured in the Unbound anthology, has been reincarnated in this tangible format, complete with stunning artwork by the phenomenal Xenida.

What’s worse than finding a mummy in your breakroom? Finding one – then losing it.

When Kate is uprooted from her familiar world and thrust into a new school in a new town, all she wants is to get through her senior year unnoticed. Instead, she finds herself staying late in the eerie library of the Natural History Museum, unraveling the mysteries of ancient Egypt with a girl named Nat who is just as much an enigma.

But when a 5,000-year-old mummy with a sweet tooth for yogurt decides to join their late-night study sessions, bringing with it a mystery that defies logic and science, Kate and Nat are thrust into a spine-tingling race against time to avoid becoming a permanent exhibit themselves.

Can Kate and Nat outwit a menace five millennia in the making, or will they – like Kate’s unopened textbooks – be left in the dust?

Will Kate and Nat solve the mummy mystery before it’s too late? Grab your copy and dive into their enchanting world.

This belongs in a museum!

In closing, thank you for accompanying me on these literary journeys. This #booktober (that’s totally a thing now) has been a whirlwind, and I couldn’t be more excited to share these stories with you. Here’s to many more tales, adventures, and, of course, to you, dear readers.

Stay spooky, and may your October be filled with fantastic reads,

Sarah 🍂🎃

P.S. Once you’re wrapped up in the ghostly adventures (or even before!), snap a pic of your reading setup and share your thoughts. I’m always thrilled to see where my tales take root in your world. 🖤📖