Dreadknot has launched!

I am not the same woman as I was yesterday. Why’s that? Well, now I can proudly say I’m the author of ten books, including an eight-book series. (Ugh, this was meant to sound like a humblebrag, but comes off rather cringe – but hey, I’m proud, sue me). Because yes, after all this time, after the crazy setbacks, the curse, and the near-constant anxiety… DREADKNOT has launched! It hit the shelves – and the eReaders – yesterday morning and I got to watch it take its first steps into the wide, wide world.

Now I’m going to sit back, drink some tea, and take a long, well-needed nap.

And then… my latest project: my Thesis (yes, capital T, it’s intense). A lot less enjoyable to write than a Starstruck novel, I’ll tell you that. I keep trying to slip in jokes. Can I help it if comets are hilarious?

Thoughts on the Dreadknot Launch

Dreadknot’s launch went super smoothly, and I’m excited to see what readers have to say about it. It was definitely, as I keep saying, the hardest thing I’ve ever written. Cuz it turns out writing during a global pandemic is pretty exhausting? That’s why I dedicated Dreadknot to you, the reader. To everyone still hanging on – keep hanging on.

As jovial as these words sound, I don’t mean them lightly. One thing I learned during this pandemic is the resounding power of community, of friendship, of (way less cushy sounding) a support network. Making it through this terrible time has been hard. Solitude, isolation, is hard. I would never have finished this book if it wasn’t for the people I had in my life… and you, the reader. I’m not kidding, knowing I had you to read my book at the end, made me push through even harder. And I think that’s where one of the most essential themes of Dreadknot came from: the power of community, of the many, to weather the storm.

So if you’re still hanging on… keep hanging on.

And don’t hesitate to remind me of that from time to time?

You can get your own copy of Dreadknot HERE.

Traveler – the audiobook!

While Dreadknot was having its big debut, another exciting thing happened with a much smaller splash: TRAVELER came out in audiobook format! Yes, the incredibly talented Rena Gail returned to voice Sally and bring the whole book to life. This has been a long time coming and I’m thrilled to finally share it with the world! I hope you’ll enjoy reading – or rereading – this third book in the Starstruck Saga. This is the one with an Interstellar Captain Kirk impersonator, a snowglobe city, a reality show gone wrong, and a robot with a penchant for evangelizing. Oh, how far Sally’s come! Grab your headphones and listen here.

I’m on a podcast!

And to celebrate the launch of Dreadknot, I was interviewed by Tricia Copeland for the Finding the Magic podcast! How cool is that? You can find the show, and our episode, on all major podcast channels. Have a listen here.

Cake? Cake.

Lastly, I did promise cake, didn’t I? Well, I ate a ton of it to celebrate the launch. Heck, you should too. Take this as your sign from the universe that it’s time for cake. Life’s meant to be enjoyed.

Some lovely pics from lovely people

What did I do to deserve such lovely friends? Wonderful people posted about Dreadknot to celebrate the launch, and it really brought a smile to my face. Feast your eyes!

Thanks everyone for making this launch day special. I can’t wait to show you what’s next for Sally and the crew!