I think every author dreads writing this kind of post, but here goes.

Due to unforeseen consequences (hem hem, thanks COVID), we have to scrub the November launch of Dreadknot. All preorders have been canceled and refunded, and the new date is February 22nd. Hopefully, unlike the JWST, this launch date will stick!

There are few things as exciting as the launch of a new book. While writing this next adventure in Sally’s saga has been a bit…different, I am as thrilled as ever to bring you with us on this journey across time and space. I didn’t want writing in the time of a pandemic to affect the quality of the story: now more than ever we need laughs, heartfelt emotion, the relief of seeing our characters on the page again. That is what has kept me grounded during these challenging months. That has been what has driven me forward. And I promise to bring that story to you, the best version this story can be.

This 8th Starstruck novel is grander than any of the other Starstrucks I’ve written before. The book is full of reveals, finally some answers you’ve been waiting for for ages. New characters and old favorites, farther scoping than even Starbound. Perhaps I’ve put too much pressure on myself, but I believe it’s really going to pay off. I’m hoping it will be a new favorite.

So to match the scope of the book… Dreadknot’s release will be bigger and better than anything so far: lots of events, swag, and fun on a massive scale. I hope you’re ready!

The new preorder link can be found here: