I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Starstruck 8 will be out in less than a month. After so many delays, heartbreak, and potentially a curse, it’s been a long and arduous road getting here. But soon, Dreadknot will be in your hands… and I’m terrified!

Preoder DREADKNOT here if you haven’t already!

It’s long past high time I announce the contents of this year’s preorder swag. Well, thanks to the amazing book by Hironwoods, a local, sustainable, woodworking company near Besançon, I have these absolutely incredible Starstruck WOODMARKS! The artwork is by Lloyd Ladera and this is my fave of his (it’s my phone home screen!).

On top of the woodmark, anyone who enters the campaign will also get two prints: one by Lloyd Ladera featuring the mysterious labyrinth we’ll be visiting in Dreadknot, and one by Angela Oddling, featuring Sally and Zander’s terrible experience while at the Sands near the beginning of the book. I absolutely adore these two pieces and already have them hanging in my apartment.

Finally, because of how customs affect shipping signed copies, everyone who enters the campaign will also get a signed bookplate, which they can stick in their own copy at home. I am so incredibly sorry for the difficulty of getting signed copies of any of my books, and I’m trying to work out a solution that will make us all happy.

Sign up for the preorder campaign here!

I still can’t believe DREADKNOT will be out in just twenty-four days? How is that possible? Time truly is an illusion these days.

While waiting for the amazing trailer that Lloyd has been working tirelessly on for months, feast your eyes on the first of many little teasers!