Another day, another book release! Starstruck six is out in the world and I couldn’t be happier. It’s hard to wrap my head around this being the sixth Starstruck book – my SEVENTH novel overall – even with them being right in front of me! I feel like I need to do something massive to celebrate, but there aren’t many options with these quarantine measures. Ha!

Pick up your copy – if you’re ready for adventure!

It’s weird waking up to a book release day in a pandemic. There’s no big events or fanfare. It’s just… out. All the excitement consolidated to a tight social media bubble. But I’m hoping that fans of the series are waking up to a brand new adventure on their kindles and are just as excited to tuck in as I am that Earthstuck is out in the world.

So I have a lot of people to thank specifically for helping out with the release. First and foremost, I have to give a massive squeeze to Oumaïma Belouali and her superhero photography skills! She took me on a shoot to celebrate the release and made me look all fancy!

(I seriously want to use this photo as my author pic but then it would be really Earthstuck specific)

Now onto the amazing blog tour ladies!

We kicked off on Tuesday with a photo post and a review of Starstruck from Sammy’s Shelf!

On Wednesday we met up with Chelsea from Bibliobeautybooks for a gorgeous photo and review:

Then on Thursday we met with brilliant author Denise Kawaii for the ENTIRE PROLOGUE of Starstruck! So that you can start reading right away!

On Friday, the lovely Ly took this stunning photo and hosted a giveaway that is still ongoing! You have until Friday to enter on either her page or mine – or both if you want to double your odds of winning the book in the series of your choice 😉

On Saturday, Kristina from Kristina’s shelves spoiled us with this lovely pic and a really fun interview that juuust fit in the character limit:

On Sunday, we hopped on over to Cora (first fan! woop woop!) Who showed us her massive collection of Starstruck swag, as well as revealed some fun quotes. I’ll only share one post here, but be sure to check them all out 😉

On Monday, Karen Jo from sincereykarenjo brought us gorgeous pics and an exciting excerpt from the book… including an art reveal I haven’t shared anywhere else!

And finally, on Tuesday – just yesterday! – brilliant SF author Laura Loup interviewed me (me!) about Earthstuck, Starstruck, and all things in between. Check it out!

And then – boom! Suddenly the book was out in the world. And I can look back on these gorgeous photos and lovely, loving posts and wish that all these wonderful people were here right now so I could give them really big hugs.

Thank you to all the fans out there who have kept Starstruck alive. I can’t wait to show you new art, adventure, stories, characters – it’s thanks to you that this world keeps spinning round!

If you’ve read the book, please consider popping a review on Amazon and Goodreads. It means a lot to me.

Love to all,