It’s hard to believe, but here we are: OVER THE MOON, my Scifi retelling of the Wizard of Oz, hits the shelves today, marking my tenth novel and my fifteenth day rolling on the floor wondering why on earth I do this to myself. Kidding! But I am treating my anxiety with fancy cheeses. And to celebrate, today only, the ebook will be $0.99!

Not on Nesworth Anymore

So here we are. Over the Moon is out in the world and my anxiety is through the roof. But I’m really, truly happy. This book was a labor of love that started way back in 2016. For NaNoWriMo, believe it or not! Back then it was just called Yellow, and it ended with everyone blowing up in a ball of fire. I am SO GRATEFUL to all my friends who have helped me take this book from that laughable first draft to the adventure it is now. I am truly and completely over the moon.

Ding Dong, the Technowitch is dead.

As an illegal clone of the murdered galactic princess, Dora’s face would get her killed the minute she steps off her dull farming moon. She spends her days tinkering with gadgets and gears, with Tau, her kitchen-timer-bot, for company. But when forces close in and threaten her family, her escape attempt lands her deep in the Outer Zone ā€” and on top of the Technowitch of Night, crushing her in the process.

Now a fugitive in two solar systems, Dora’s only chance of survival is to find her way to the mysterious Technomage on his Emerald moon. In a place where science has advanced to be indistinguishable from magic, she must accept the help of an unlikely trio: a cryogenically-preserved girl with no memory, an obsolete theme park droid, and a bioengineered beast with a penchant for the dramatic.

As Dora realizes there’s more to the princess’s death than what the universe has been told, she must choose ā€” save her family, or risk everything to right a centuries-old wrong.

Special Release Day Price

To help celebrate this special day, OVER THE MOON will be only $0.99! But this won’t last long: once release day is over, we all turn back into expensive pumpkins.

Audiobook announcement!

AN OVER THE MOON AUDIOBOOK IS IN THE WORKS! šŸš€ Iā€™m so thrilled to announce that the brilliant Ali Dane @ali.dane.audiobooks will be bringing Dora to life in the audiobook adaptation of OVER THE MOON. This will be so much more than an audiobook, as Ali is bringing together voices, sound effects, and music to make this an incredible listening experience. Iā€™m so thrilled and excited to be working with her!

Oh, Forgot To Tell You: Cue Cute Mini Paperbacks!

I’ve been enjoying time off, a well-needed break after my thesis defense to treat my burnout. And I’ve been getting really strange impulses… not counting my idea to release OVER THE MOON. (Who does that?)

No, I mean… turning all my novellas into cute 4×6 paperbacks! Because why not? They’re so cute! 

This would have been perfect if I had them ready for the “Fifth Day of Christmas” but I hadn’t thought of it until way too late, and then forgot to share it on here, of course.

Starstruck Shorts

From the streets of revolutionary Paris to the child pageants of the American homeland. Sally, Zander, and Blayde are BACK – for short hilarious adventures!

Miss Planet Earth

A pageant queen out of time. A secretive assassin in the wrong body. Space pirates and demented droids. It’s been a long day.

The Horrible Habits of Humans

One mission away from retirement, and Strax just had to be assigned babysitting duty of a new race ā€“ the humans had better be worth it.