One of my favorite book launch traditions is the blog tour. Every time, it’s exceptional: these amazing bloggers go above and beyond to make the event special, and I love them all dearly for it. Plus, I get to be surprised by these posts, too! We have unique character reveals, a giveaway, and entire excerpts for you to discover along the way.

Everything has been so delayed due to COVID that I haven’t been able to send anyone their advance copies or swag, which hurts my heart. You know how much I love to connect with everyone. So to make these gifts as accessible to everyone as I can, every time you order a signed book from me, you’ll be getting exclusive prints until they run out. And if you’ve ordered any version of the book? Message me, and I will personally send you the travel postcards I’ve had done just for Inalienable!

The Blog Tour

Anyway, on to the main event: the blog tour. As with every launch, the plan is to stop by special blogs every single day until the release. Each blog will post something special to do with the book, to tease you a little bit as we prepare for liftoff.

The blog tour kicks off with Kristina’s shelves on Instagram! Make sure to follow this brilliant human being, she’s amazing and her pics are always wonderful.

On the Menu This Week

What else do we have scheduled for the rest of the week? Well, why don’t I give you all the links so you can discover while we go?

Tuesday: Cora’s Books

Wednesday: Bibliobeautybooks and Author Denise Kawaii

Thursday: Author Carmen Loup

Friday: Indie Sci Fantasy and Author MC Frank

Saturday: Author Emily Colin

Sunday: Sammy’s Shelf

Monday – AKA LAUNCH DAY!: Author Madeline Dyer and Ms Ly Brary

Make sure to check in every day for exclusive content and awesome reveals! Only seven days until Starstruck 7 launches into space! Don’t forget to preorder so you can be sure the book reaches you ASAP. See you back here on Monday to celebrate the release!