What day is it? You might be wondering why is this post is so late, and yeah buddy, me too. As we’re all aware, pandemic-time is a fickle thing that confuses scientists around the world. I’m lucky Inalienable escaped this time warp and successfully reached orbit, so to speak. It’s out in the world and all is well!

Release Day Reflection (Two Days Late)

So now – Starstruck seven is out. I still can’t believe it.

It’s weird, releasing a book in a pandemic. I never imagined I would be releasing FOUR: Aix Marks the Spot, Earthstuck, Unbound (though I wasn’t alone for that one), and now Inalienable. It’s days like today I want to be with my family, with my friends, go to a restaurant or throw a little party – not pandemic friendly, sadly. Instead, I went to work, debugged some code. Someone accidentally called me Dr. Anderson in an email and it still has me beaming. I got home, couldn’t find a bakery that made layer cake, so I ordered a muffin – the delivery woman arrived on a bicycle with a cat on her shoulder. There’s magic in this would if you’re willing to see it.

Thank you to everyone who made this book happen. To Michelle Dunbar, Anna Johnstone, and Cayleigh Stickler – my fearless editing dream team. To my beta readers Cora Corrigall and Crystal DuVall who told me it didn’t suck exactly when I needed to hear it most. My fierce writing circle, Madeline Dyer, Emily Colin, Lisa Amowitz and Heidi Marie Ayarbe, who kept me showing up to the page every single day. To my parents, Apryl and Tim, to whom the book is dedicated, for being my rock when this pandemic cast me loose. And Hugo, of course, who has all my love.

And of course to you, the readers, who keep coming back for more. I’m thankful for all of you. Grateful I have you in my life, even if I don’t see you in person. I really hope you all enjoy the next installment of Sally, Zander, and Blayde’s adventure.

Now it’s time to thank all the blog tour hosts – and give you a tour of the tour!

Blog Tour Bonanza

Day One: Kristina’s Shelves took this gorgeous photo of Inalienable!

Day Two: The amazing Cora painted this amazing portrait of one of the characters introduced in the book!

Day Three: Bibliobeautybooks took this stunning photo, and author Denise Kawaii shared her review!

Denise Kawaii’s review pretty much brought me to tears!

“I have a hunch she’s got a little magic stardust up her sleeve, because Inalienable reads as a superb escape from reality.”

Day four: author Carmen Loup reveals the first few pages of Inalienable!

Follow this link for a bit of sass when Marcy meets Zander for the first time since he blew up in book one.


Day five: the amazing author MC Frank featured Inalienable on her beautiful bookstagram!

Day six: I get interviewed by the brilliant author Emily Collin!

Day Seven: Sammy’s Shelf posts this stunning photo of Inalienable!

And finally – Release Day! The Incredible Madeline Dyer features me on her blog, and the one and only Ly_Brary hosts a giveaway!

I still can’t believe so many wonderful people gave my little book so much love. I can’t wait to know what you all think of book seven! And now, I go back to working on book EIGHT. TTYL!