Hello Readers!

Excited to announce that Starstruck is now available for pre-order! Well, the ebook is. The definitive ‘tree-lover’ edition can now be purchased through amazon, so as to have it delivered automatically on your e-reader on the release day, still scheduled as May 4th.

As we get ever closer to Starstruck’s release, I’ll have even more fun news to share. The pre-order campaign will start very soon (though pre-ordering now will not change your chances of getting a fun gift), and a blog tour is in the mix. All these details will come shortly.

The paperback should also be available for pre-order before the release date. Expect more news on that front next week, along with the pre-order campaign. The hardcover book will follow soon after.

I’m also very excited to see the awesome reviews Starstruck is getting on Goodreads! I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am every time I see there’s a new one. Thank you everyone who has reviewed, and everyone who is planning on reviewing!

That’s all the news for now. But get ready for some very exciting things coming your way!