Welcome, everyone, to the LAST STOP on Alienation blog hop tour!

Please take your seat and strap yourself in, as we finish this portion of the intergalactic tour. I hope you have been amazed, entertained, and educated. We maneuvered through the cosmos and we astounded at all we saw. I sure hope you’ve been hunting down the hidden words that will get you to your final destination, where a one-of-a-kind award still awaits one lucky traveler!

Did you have fun? Let’s recap all the awesome! And before I go any further, I want to sincerely thank SMART BOOKAHOLICS INC for making me their featured author for October! Head on over to their page to read the first chapter of Alienation, as well as some great interviews. Now let’s get on to the blog tour!

  • Day One:  We started the adventure at UrbanHype101 and were given the tour map. Every stop has something new and exciting for you to read see or hear. Don’t forget to hunt for that special word and if you find ALL of them, send them to scavengerhunt@bolidepublishing.com and you could win a signed copy of Alienation and a gift pack of unique swag. This contest is open internationally – but only for three more days!
  • Day Two: We went to Fantasy Fun Reads to get an excerpt of Sally discovering Da-Duhui!
  • Day Three: We visited author Brhi Stokes for an interview!
  • Day Four: I posted Alienation’s reading playlist on my Instagram!
  • Day Five: We stopped by Ezeebuxs to have another interview!
  • Day Six: Author Mackenzie Flohr interviewed Sally Webbed!
  • Day Seven: We visited Paisley Pirhana and got an exclusive look at the city of Da-Duhui!
  • Day Eight: Karen’s Book Buzz took us deep into Da-Duhui with an extract from Chapter 2!
  • Day Nine: We stopped by Sincerely KarenJo for a really awesome interview!
  • Day Ten: We visited Welcome to Hellbent to see my Starstruck inspired Playlist!
  • Day Eleven: Author J.D. Cunegan interviewed Zander and asked him some tough questions!
  • Day Twelve: We went over to Readcommendations to sneak a peek at Chapter 3!
  • Day Thirteen: We flew to the Instagram of Buried in Bookland to see how Alienation looks in paperback!
  • Day Fourteen: Indie Scifi Fantasy welcomed us and introduced us to our first alien race: the Theosians.
  • Day Fifteen: Author Madeline Dyer asked me a really, really deep question about my books, and I tried my hardest to answer it!
  • Day Sixteen: The amazing TheNerdHerdReads introduced us to Tchilla, one of Sally’s greatest allies in the book!
  • Day Seventeen: we visit Bookishly Slytherin for an interview!
  • Day Eighteen: we land right back here, and I have some fun things to show you for sure!


Now, before I show you some really exciting aliens, I have to remind you how you can win some very special prizes! We have a fanart contest! The Winner receives a signed paperback of STARSTRUCK or ALIENATION! You wanted it, you’re getting it! The first official fanart contest is now open! Grab your pencils, pens, tablets, or other favorite art tools, and draw me your answer to this question: where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the universe? OR draw anything inspired by the book! Artwork will be judged on creativity, so there’s no limitation on the format. And don’t worry about making it a work of art – just have fun! I loved the entries for the release party and I’m dying to see what you come up with when 24h isn’t the limit. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Email your entry to seanderson@bolidepublishing.com before October 24h to be entered to win! We already have some really great artworks and the competition will be tight!

One more way you can win a swag pack? Preorder a copy of Alienation and head on over to my facebook page! Place a proof of purchase in the comments of the pinned post to be entered into the giveaway for the last ever swag pack!

Now, for today’s post… let’s meet two new aliens!

The Crime Lord Maakuna

What can I say about Maakuna Ik’Imo’No that won’t have you finding my corpse drifting in the cold void of space? Not much, I’m afraid. So I will be brief.

First of all, we could speak about his race, the Oexasie. The Oexasie hail from a small green planet called Kuan-Yin (which loosely translates to ‘the place where everything is edible’ in the the Oex tongue, though every other species on the planet disagrees with the edibleness of everything there). The Oexasie live on the swamp-like northern continent, where they spend their days fishing, hunting, or writing song lyrics which can only be described by humans as “oh god, oh god, make it stop.”

Their physiology most likely resembles that of toads on planet earth, though they can easily be confused for slugs if they’re not wearing any clothes, as their globular fat doesn’t put up much of a fight against gravity.

A few Oexasie leave their homeworld in search of a better, more fulfilling life on the core planets. This was the case of Maakuna’s parents. As a result, their son was able to rise to his full potential, quickly becoming the head of his own crime family. You can find Maakuna’s headquarters almost half of the way up Da-Duhui. His home is dark, but only by choice, as he likes the power darkness radiates. He’s rich enough to afford holographic projectors, anyway, and can change the look of a room in an instant. Inside, if you go deep enough, you can also find a museum housing black market items Maakuna has been collecting in secret.

When Sally meets him, she’s immediately put off by his stench. You can take the Oexasie from Kuan-Yin, but you can’t ever get the smell of Kuan-Yin out of the Oexasie. He tries to be intimidating, but seeing as how she’s never heard his name before, it doesn’t carry the weight he expects it to. Even so, Sally is in danger the second she ends up on his radar. And now, so am I. Excuse me while I attempt to change my identity.

The Travoshella

Wife of the mayor of Da-Duhui, the Travoshella is the Earth equivalent of a queen of this city. Bold and beautiful, she upholds a standard of elegance the entire city struggles to live up to.

Travoshella is not her name, though: it is a title. Any upper echelon, estate owning family of the Da-Duhuian nobility go by variations of their family names. Thus, if you to speak of many members of her family approaching you at once with a look that blazes like the fire of a thousand suns, you could say to yourself, “Oh crap, the Travoshelli are about to have me murdered.”

Born and raised on the planet, she married young in a match paired by the Da-Duhuian council. She currently has three children, who are growing up to be just as terrifying as she is. Only their father has a more casual look, as nothing matches his family’s ebony black skin and piercing diamond eyes.

The Travoshella can usually be found out at night, gracing her city with her presence at different high ranking social events. She will never be alone without her entourage, a large group of socialites she collects like one might insects.

And there you have it! We have one last alien on her way to meet you, but more on her later. You might have met her before… Let’s give a big round of applause to Lloyd Ladera for taking my mumblings about aliens and turning them into real works of art! Lloyd is an insanely talented artist and you should check out his incredible work: on facebook and Instagram!

Today, we celebrate the end of the blog tour, and the 3-day mark until the release of Alienation. As you probably can tell, I am so insanely happy for my sequel to come out into the world! It’s just as exciting – or even more so – than releasing book 1. I seriously can’t believe the love and support I’ve gotten for this book and the friends I’ve made along the way!

I sincerely hope you love Alienation even more than Starstruck. I love you!

Ped Aspera, Ad Astra,


P.S: no extra word today!