Hello bookworms, time for news on the Starstruck front!

Starstruck in Hardcover

Both Starstrucks

I have a lot of news from the past month! Starting with perhaps the most exciting – the hardcovers are finally here! And I can’t stop looking at my copy. It’s so pretty, I have to carry it around with me everywhere for fear it might disappear in a puff of smoke. Or, you know, jump to another galaxy.


First Author Eventsarah_anderson-2-aab2d

I also had the absolute pleasure to return to my old middle school, College Mignet, and give a talk about the author life to the current students of the International Section. The students are fantastic, and their teachers even more so. It was so wonderful to see one of the women who really inspired me to keep up with my writing, Mrs. Julia Fady. And by the looks of it, her current class is full of students just as book loving as mine.

We held a Q&A – in which I answered burning questions such as where the inspiration for Starstruck came from, and whether or not I owned a fidget spinner – then read the prologue. We finished the talk with a quick signing and a promise to be back soon. I had an absolute blast.

Check out the post on Mignet’s website about my visit! HERE.

Say hello to the Physicist!

In other news, I also graduated – officially – from college. I finally have my degree in physics! So Starstruck is now science fiction written by a scientist. I’m really proud to have my diploma, and I’m excited for the next chapter of my life – writing Alienation and going to grad school!

US ‘tour’ and signed US copies

I’m heading to the US for a month, which means SIGNED COPIES! If you are a US or Canada resident and have been wanting signed Paperback or Hardcover copies but have been dissuaded by the massive shipping rates, this is your window of opportunity! Go to this website to order your copy!

This also means I’ll be going to stores and libraries for signings. Stay tuned for an event list! If you live in the DC area, you’re massively in luck. There’s also going to be a giveaway, powered by goodreads, so get ready!

Sequel Update

So what’s up with Alienation? Well, it’s just been through draft 5, and about to go out to beta readers. Everything is on schedule for the October release. The cover will be revealed quite soon – though those of you who have gotten copies of Starstruck have seen the black and white cover in the very back, along with the first chapter sample.

Speaking of samples, I also have to have the first chapter of book 3 ready to go before we hit the publish button on Alienation. The title will be announced along with the release of book 2… so stay tuned!

Book Trailer!

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, check out the gorgeous book trailer made by outstanding author Madeline Dyer!

And that’s it for news, for now! We’ve got other goodies coming soon, including the large print edition of Starstruck, and news on the audiobook. Remember to follow me on twitter at @sea_author for the news as it comes.

Lots of love,