So excited to tell you I’m going to be a part of 2 ANTHOLOGIES this December! Just next week, both of these books will be releasing, and I have stories in each of them!

FROM THE STARS is a collection of 14 YA short stories, all science fiction, and all out of this world. My story, DARK STAR, is about a young girl who lives as a salvage monkey on the edge of the solar system and finds what could be the salvage of a lifetime.
Out December 18th, $0.99.

PEW PEW VOLUME 4 is a collection of ten tales by nine authors of good versus evil. See heroes fail and evildoers win, and everything between. Add in a little bit of Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus Poles, and you have delicious chaos! My own story is MISS PLANET EARTH 2, where we find out how Katra’s been living since she saved the planet and became a space pirate. Probably not suitable for younger readers.
Out December 14th, $2.99.

As for news about Starstruck, book 3? Well, the alpha edits have begun! We’re still looking at a spring release, with an exciting cover reveal party that will take your breath away.

Lots of Love,