Hello, hello dear readers!

With all the excitement around Aix Marks the Spot, I’ve been seriously neglecting my first baby, the Starstruck Saga. My YA SciFi comedy is about to hit its SIXTH book in just 30 days, and I’m panicking because I have barely told anyone! This new adventure sees Sally and her crew in an entirely new setting: Florida! And dealing with the events of the fifth book I’m the healthiest way possible, by trying to solve a string of murders and catch a – possibly alien – serial killer. It involves breaking I to Area 51, traipsing through a jungle, and hitting up the local malls. And it’s out AUGUST 18th!⁣⁣

Animated Trailer, ahoy!

The absolutely amazing Kelly Odette Dochy and Carele Khadir created this out-of-this-world trailer for EARTHSTUCK and I’m so excited to show it to you. Behold, the world premiere!

Ready for Preorder!

Head on over to Amazon to preorder the paperback or ebook version, that way the book will be right on your doorstep or device on release day.

I hope you’re ready for a whole new out-of-this-world adventure!