Feast your eyes on the cover of Over the Moon!

After months of waiting, I can finally show you the cover of my F/F Scifi retelling of the Wizard of Oz! Are you ready? I’m so ready. 

What’s it about?

Over the Moon is about the family you find, and the family you forge. How finding yourself is a team sport. It’s about the roles that our parents and society force upon us, and how we fight to create our own identities, to invent selves that really belong to us.But it’s also about finding love, different kinds of love, each valid and real and wonderful. 

Ding Dong, the Technowitch is dead.

As an illegal clone of the murdered galactic princess, Dora’s face would get her killed the minute she steps off her dull farming moon. She spends her days tinkering with gadgets and gears, with Tau, her kitchen-timer-bot, for company. But when forces close in and threaten her family, her escape attempt lands her deep in the Outer Zone — and on top of the Technowitch of Night, crushing her in the process.

Now a fugitive in two solar systems, Dora’s only chance of survival is to find her way to the mysterious Technomage on his Emerald moon. In a place where science has advanced to be indistinguishable from magic, she must accept the help of an unlikely trio: a cryogenically-preserved girl with no memory, an obsolete theme park droid, and a bioengineered beast with a penchant for the dramatic.

As Dora realizes there’s more to the princess’s death than what the universe has been told, she must choose — save her family, or risk everything to right a centuries-old wrong.

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About the cover

The cover was made by yours truly, but the artwork, this amazing portrait of Dora and Tau, was created by the amazingly talented Xen, who you can find on Instagram at @donyk_art. I’m in love!

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