Hello Readers!

Starstruck came out on Thursday, and the launch went perfectly. I want to thank everyone who was involved in the release party, be it the organizers KKantas and Alicia, or the quests, all you amazing people that made it a real party. I couldn’t have asked for a better event, it was a blast!

There’s a lot to talk about this weekend. For starters, there’s only a few more minutes to take advantage of the release price, before it goes back to $3.99. Hopefully we’ll have exclusive price drops in the future for those of you still on the fence about picking up your copy! But here’s a few great reviews that might sway your mind:

“It’s witty, it’s fast paced, and it’s delightfully tongue in cheek. […] If you like The Doctor, Hitchiker’s Guide or Space Shennanigans, you’ll like this book. Can’t wait to read more.” – L. Burke

“My only question is WHEN CAN I READ THE NEXT BOOK?!” – C. McGough

“I think anyone who is a fan of things like Doctor Who, Douglas Adams’ trilogy, or even Firefly would feel right at home with this one.” – H.

“I’ll be definitely picking up the second book in this series. S.E. Anderson is a skilled writer, and Starstruck’s pages burst with personality, action, and humour. A must-read for science fiction fans.” – M. Dyer

Reviews are a great way to support new authors. if you’ve read Starstruck, enjoyed it, and want to see more of Sally and Zander, please consider leaving one on Amazon and Goodreads!

A few amazing authors have actually interviewed me this past week! I’m so excited to have had the chance to sit down with both R.R Virdi and Madeline Dyer, amazing authors I’ve been a fan of for ages.

Read R.R. Virdi’s Interview. R.R. Virdi is the Dragon award nominated author of the Grave Report series, as well as the Books of Winter. If you haven’t read Dangerous Ways yet, you’re seriously missing out!

Read Madeline Dyer’s interview. Madeline Dyer is the brilliant author of the Untamed series, my personal favorite dystopia books. If you’re tired of YA trends, then you need to read her books, they break the mold in so many ways.

The amazing KKantas also did a dramatic reading of chapter 11 of Starstruck, in case you want to get a little teaser of the book. Have a peek!

The biggest thank you needs to go to Michelle, my editor; and to Bolide Publishing, the most amazing micropub in all the world. You’re amazing. Thank you for making my dream come true.

That’s if for book news for now! Stay tuned for more!

Love, always,