I don’t know if you remember when Starstruck came out and you lovely people all sent me selfies with my book! ❤️

If you had told me two years ago that this little novel would have changed my life so much, I wouldn’t have believed you. In that time I’ve published three more books, with the fifth Starstruck novel out this summer. I’ve written even more than I could ever believe. I’ve made incredible friends who bring out the best in me. Artists! Writers! Readers! Creatives who brighten up my life and this planet. I love you all.

Thank you for supporting my book, for loving Sally and Zander and Blayde. For sending me fanart, theories, and panicking messages (Sorry/Not Sorry about Celestial! Ha!). Thank you for making this adventure the best it would possibly be.

Now for some goodies!

☄️This weekend, Starstruck is FREE! And all the sequels are HALF PRICE! So make sure to tell your friends, or maybe give Starstruck a shot if you haven’t had the chance to.

☄️If you sign up to Bolide’s Newsletter, you get THE FIRST SIX CHAPTERS OF STARBOUND! That’s a FIFTH of the novel in one go! So all of you who were decimated by Celestial’s ending get to see what’s going on…

☄️Paperbacks! Now we were going to have a sale on all of them, but the Starstrucks were all misprinted. But it still leaves me with an abundance of Alienations, Travelers, and Celestials to sign and to share. I’ve got a bunch of goodies I’ll be slipping into the packages!

All the info can be found on this convenient page on my publisher’s website: https://bolidepublishing.com/ss01/

And if I haven’t said it enough… thank you! ❤️