I’m so excited – I hope you are too! To celebrate (and to keep me from bouncing off the walls) we’re having a MASSIVE, cross-platform event to prepare for the launch, with giveaways galore!

Scavenger Hunt + A 20-stop blog tour! With new exclusive content every single day, starting October 4th. Interviews details, and more! Sally and Zander will also step in to say hello and answer some burning questions. A secret word will be posted on every post, and if you give us all 20 of them, you’ll be entered to win a special prize!

Fanart contest! Grab your pencils and paintbrushes and create a work of art inspired by STARSTRUCK. The winner will be announced live during the launch event! Super awesome prizes await!

Exclusive artwork by Lloyd Ladera Artworks will be unveiled as the event progresses, and you have no idea how excited I am about this. The aliens of ALIENATION come to life!

I’ll also be taking over some Facebook party rooms to give away some cool swag, sharing some book photography over on Instagram, and maybe some early looks at the pages of ALIENATION!

All this culminates on the launch day, where I’ll be speaking to you LIVE! I’ll be answering all your questions on a Facebook live stream, announce the winners of the different contests, and show you some fun ALIENATION goodies.

Join us on this super exciting countdown to the release. Thank you for being here for me as I become the author of an actual series. You STARSTRUCK fans are what make me keep doing what I do. I love you all!