Heya readers!

I’m been terrible in keeping you updated in book news, lately. The past month has seen university drama taking over me (exams and observatory training – oh my!) and almost beaten me to a pulp. But now I’m back and I’m bearing exciting news!

Exactly one week from now, on February 5th, we’re going to reveal the cover of Starbound.


I’m so excited, it’s near impossible for me to keep this cover to myself. I keep pulling it out and staring at it, then shoving it away before I can spoil the surprise for anyone passing by. It’s my favorite of the series yet, and fits the novel so well.

Starbound is going to be one crazy book: massive reveals, someone who just won’t stay dead (for all the wrong reasons), even closure about the hot air balloon. We’ve got secret libraries and the answer to crop circles. It’s going to be super exciting!

So stay tuned for the biggest reveal of the Starstruck series – only one week from now!