Wow! It’s so hard to believe that time is just flying by the way it is. In less than three weeks Traveler will hit the shelves, and I’ll finally get a nap, haha. Personally I’m insanely excited to know what you think of it: already reviews are trickling in and I’m so glad readers are loving Sally’s newest adventure!

Even Author Madeline Dyer has her own thoughts about book three:

“A thrilling read. Sally’s next adventure is one you won’t want to miss: a heart-wrenching ride, full of action, aliens, and absurdity.”

Hearing that she loved Traveler makes me even more look forward to the release. I have to warn you, Sally goes through a lot of changes in the third book! She’s dealing with the fallout of being let down by someone she trusts, while Zander is also experiencing heartbreak when someone he admired isn’t who he claims to be. We get to see a darker side of the Alliance and learn that maybe there’s more going on behind the scenes of Sally’s life than she’d like to know…

I promised giveaways, and I’m going to deliver! Let’s start with the Instagram giveaway!

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In other news, the Alienation audiobook is progressing beautifully! I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate Rena Gail, the voice of Sally Webber. If you haven’t listened to her read Starstruck, you’re missing out! I can’t recommend it enough, even if I wasn’t the author. Check it out here.

And last but not least… on the 28th of April, I’ll be doing a book signing at Book In Bar in Aix en Provence, France. Make sure to stop by! It’s Indie bookstore day, so every purchase will receive a free rose.

Thanks for everything, dear readers! Love, Sarah.