TODAY’S THE DAY! After months of work, out little baby anthology is out in the world. It’s better than I could possibly have dreamed.

Conceived by five friends who met through a shared love of books and writing, me, Emily Colin, Lisa Amowitz, Heidi Marie Ayarbe, and Madeline Dyer, realized we all wanted to write something fueled by what we were feeling in this pandemic. When we first came up with the concept of writing an anthology together, we were half joking. We talked about the stories lockdown made us want to write. About the changes we were forced to undertake personally. About the isolation and frustration. But then it became serious: first a goal, then a plan, and a challenge to keep us focused during this pandemic. 

When we realized how cathartic and grounding it was for us, we opened it up to other authors, and somehow managed to get the incredible John Klekamp, Fiona McLaren, Kaye Hart, Hrishika Muthukrishnan, Karissa Bracknell Sluss, Angela Alvarez Velez, and Rishi Mohan.

I wrote a story about two girls solving a five thousand year old mystery while being chased by a mummy. Like the anthology, it started off in jest. Then it became something more. It became a story about longing for connection, to reach out and to be understood. The kind of connection I felt when working with Five points Press. Some days it was hard, hard to agree on ideas and direction, dropping something I was sure about and accepting that it didn’t work. And through it all, I grew. All thanks to these four women who gave me such purpose.

As promised, it will be free!

Unbound: Stories of Transformation, Love, and Monsters…/dp/B08VGK3ZP3

Emily and Madeline tackled the editing while Lisa and I the design, and Heidi was our marketing magician. It was amazing to be able to work on such an intense project with people I love and admire. This book really is overflowing with love.