Can you believe it? A little over 7 days until Starbound hits the shelves! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to share it with you. So much happens in this next installment that advance readers have been messaging me left and right. Thankfully, some of them still put up with me (love you!) and were willing to participate in an exciting blog tour!

As with past blog tours, every day will bring new goodies and new insights into the book, its characters, and sometimes my writing process too. Interviews, excerpts, and art are all on the agenda. Make sure to check each blog and shower them with love!

Tuesday the 13th, tomorrow, we kick off with Laura Loup with a review and an introduction to one of the oddest characters in the book, Dave from Accounting.

Then on Wednesday we stop by The Literary Coffee Faerie to read an excerpt!

On Thursday, Cora’s Books will surprise us with never-before-seen Starbound art. Even I haven’t see it yet and I’m so excited!

Friday will bring an author interview from Mad on Reading! I’m excited to share a little more of the behind the scenes with you.

On Saturday I’ll be talking a little about the writing process over on Readcommendations, my ol’ stomping grounds. My book blog is a fun way to follow the books I’m reading and check out some recommendations I have.

When Sunday comes around, we’ll head over to Sammy’s Shelf to meet a new character, James Felling!

On Monday, Indie Scifi Fantasy will have a write up about the book and a short review. I’m excited to know what they think about Starbound.

And finally, TUESDAY! The day Starbound hits shelves! Both Bibliobeautybooks and Jane Kelsey will help us usher in the release with fun posts. And Starbound will officially be out in the world!

I hope you’ll join us for the blog tour. We’ll have lots of fun goodies!

So since I’m in the US, I finally have media mail! Which means SIGNED BOOKS FOR EVERYONE!

We have a massive sale on all signed books, dropping the prices even more when you get multiple copies. AND every order gets the cute character bookmarks made by Paperly&Co!

Either message me or order through Bolide’s website to order. Only 8 days until Starbound hits the shelves!

Let’s help Sally figure her life out. And don’t forget to get claim your preorder swag!