Today’s the day, friends! Starbound is five weeks away from release which means it’s now available for preorder (if you haven’t preordered it already). And this time, the gift is super duper special.

This gift has been over a year in the making. Working with Jessica from Paperly & Co, she has created these stunning character bookmarks which I can’t wait to put in your hands. Sally, Zander, and Blayde come to life and will happily keep your page in Starbound or any other book of your choosing!

Step one: preorder the book! HERE
Or get a signed paperback HERE!

Step two: Click here to claim your character bookmarks!

Step three: Sit back and wait for BOOKMAIL!

It’s even easier than the last preorder campaigns we ran, so hurry up and claim your own so I can mail you your goodies.

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Once again, thank you everyone for your love and support. Every message makes my heart swell! It’s thanks to you all that I have made it through my masters, and I can’t wait to continue this adventure with my PhD. Not to fret – I have five more Starstruck novels in the works!

Love, Sarah